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Our Calm course could change your life

Be Calmer and Enjoy Life More

Peace and Calm Helps You to have

-         Increased ability to hear and follow God's guidance

-         Improved relationships with others

-         Greater ability to handle stress and difficult situations

-         More effective prayer and meditation

-         Improved concentration and focus

-         Better decision making

-         Increased sense of inner peace and contentment

-         More compassion and empathy for others

-         Improved physical and emotional health

-         Enhanced immune system function

-         Lower blood pressure

-         Greater ability to forgive and let go of grudges

-         Increased ability to radiate joy around you.

-         Increased creativity

-         Increased feelings of well-being

-         Better sleep

escaping worry can change your life

The Problem with Anxiety and Fear

We Get It

Whether it’s worrying about relationships, money or health,

We all agree that life should be happier than this,

Because Jesus promises us his peace.

We try a few things (that don’t work) and keep going, but still feel anxious and stressed.

We can help you!

Start Learning


Vicar & coach


Agape FF UK leader, educator


We have both needed to learn to calm down and find peace. Mike suffered from PTSD after an accident; Ruth suffered with body memories, childhood trauma & panic attacks. Through learning and applying the skills we practice and teach we have become healthier and happier emotionally and in our closest relationships. Our capacity to find peace and calm through using these skills is so effective and important, that we really want you to experience this too.

escaping worry can change your life

The Solution was inside the Bible and Christian Brain Science

We went on a journey of rediscovery

As we searched the Scriptures, prayed and sought God. He led us to a movement of Christians who helped us to calm down and find peace.

We found that our fears, anxieties and triggered reactions reduced, our relationship improved and we were able to enjoy life more, get on better, walk with God in more difficult situations, focus better, experience more inner peace, have increased compassion for others, and be more joyful.

But Hey, Don't Take Our Word For It!

See what others are saying ...

"Just what I was looking for"

""The appreciation and calming methods that you have taught have already had an immediate and positive impact on my life. I am more peaceful and appreciate many more things in life than I used to."

Joyskills Participant. .

"I see results..."

"The doctor and I were amazed as I used the breathing techniques you taught us and we watched my blood pressure come down"

Susan Murch, Luton

"This is so useful!"

All the participants in one evening group found that they slept better.

Did you know this improves  memory and cognitive function, Increases performance, improves mood and emotional well-being, reduces risk of obesity and diabetes, enhances the immune system, reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, lowers stress levels and blood pressure

Finding Peace Can Change Everything

What is different

Be Calmer and Enjoy Life More

You can have a greater ability to handle stress and difficult situations.

You can have an increased sense of inner peace and contentment

Increased your ability to hear and follow God's guidance 

You can have a more effective prayer life

You can grow in your walk with Jesus.

Improve your relationships 

You can be less reactive

You can have more compassion and empathy for others

You can have a greater ability to forgive and let go of grudges

Module 1. Why Calm?

We begin by thinking about what you want to achieve on this course. People are 70% more likely to get some results if they begin with Why? Which is why we start here. We then look at Jesus' life and ministry.

Module 2. Getting Going

We get straight into it. So you can finally find some calm.

Module 3. Your Body is Designed to Help you Calm

Lots of people's favourite module. Choose the way you enjoy calming down by using your body.

Module 4. Calming with Other People

How to get to calm by being with other people and being with God.

Module 5. Calming's Secret Sauce

Going deeper into things that really work.

Module 6. Calming Under Pressure

A short. Memorable way to calm under pressure.

Module 7. Investigating you

A reflective module helping you look at your life and what helps you be calm.

Module 8. Calming Anxious Thoughts

Experiment with 10 Christian strategies for calming anxious thoughts. 

Bonus. How to Notice and Name What I Feel

This key bonus material helps many people understand their emotions better so they can regulate their emotions rather than be controlled by them so that their relationships improve.

Course Content

Includes videos, handouts, prayers, biblical teaching, practical exercises and relaxing music.

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You can

Improve your close relationships

Increase your general levels of peace and calm.

Feel closer to God


Our Calm course could change your life

Be Calmer and Enjoy Life More